Machine Winding Systems

These are Kabelmat® winding devices and machines with electromotive actuation.

Efficient, cost-effective cutting, measuring and winding of cables and wires, steel cables, pipes, hoses and profiles requires high-performing but easily operatable machines. Modern control systems and drive technologies of well-known German suppliers are used by Kabelmat® in the field.

From the simple motor-driven ring winding machine series „MOTROL“ up to the fully automatic cable ring and binding machine „RINGROL“, these devices can be used on the line in inline as well as offline operations. As a rule, the rewinders (MOTROL, UMROL, RINGROL) are normally used with a length measuring device and components such as ring winding winch, cutting equipment and many more items from our accessory list.

Motor-driven unwinders (MOTROL, UMROL, PORTROL) for rings and drums need a cable dancer or a cable accumulator, series ACUMATIC, for speed synchronization.

Coil and drum dispensing units
  • UMROL 1000 AUF
  • UMROL 1400 / 1600 / 2200 AUF
  • MOTROL 1000 AUF
Drum and spool unwinder
  • TROMPIN 800 / 1250
Coil and spool dispensing unit
  • MOTROL 500
  • MOTROL 800
  • MOTROL 800 easy
Pay-off system
  • Pay-off
  • Take-up
Coil winder
  • RINGROL 600
  • RINGROL 800
Automatic coil winding machines
  • Cable winder
  • Pipe winder
  • Band feed
  • Rollerfeed
Unwinding and Cutting machines in line
  • Automatic Coilwinding- and Binding machines in linie
  • Rewinding systems with automatic drum fitting
  • Machines for small and medium-sized drums in line
  • Machines for big-sized drums in line