This motor driven coil and spool winding machine is suitable for winding material such as cables, pipes, hoses, steel cables, plastic profiles, etc. onto empty coils or spools and simultaneously cutting them to length.

Basic equipment:

  • Basic maschine constructed as self-supported and torsionally resistant weldment with two lockable steering rollers and two fixed rollers
  • Direction of travel right-angled to winding direction
  • Winding drive by means of geared motor via chain and safety clutch
  • Infinitely adjustable working speed control allowing a smooth start
  • The winder is prepared for the installation of coiling winches, coiler heads or spool axles with 30 mm
  • Manually operable traversing slide, prepared for the integration of additional equipment such as length measuring units and material cutters as well as roller guides
  • Switch cabinet integrated in the machine frame
  • Operating panel with emergency stop is ergonomically integrated into the base frame
  • Protective cover folding upwards or to be slided sidewards for MOTROL® 800

Recommended equipment:

  • Roller cages
  • MESSBOI 40-BVE Length measuring
  • Manually, pneummatically or hydraulically operated cutting
  • Automatic traversing
  • Coiler head RAPID 800 SL
  • Spool winding axle

More extra attachment on request

Technical Data

Coiler head diameter max. 800 mm
Standard drives (special speed on request) 95 min (1,5 kW) or 170 min (3,0 kW)
Electrical connection (CEE-connector plug) 230 / 400 V - 50 Hz
Traversing width 360 mm
Inlet hight abt. 1140 mm
Coil and spool weight (incl. coiler head) max. 150 kg (incl. coiler head)
Pass-through direction right to left
L x W x H (protective cover closed) (H = 1600 mm with pneumatic cutter) abt. 2000 x 1000 x 1400 mm
Colour RAL 7005, mouse grey
Weight (without accessories) abt. 500 kg

Perfectly matching

In many cases, cables and wires are needed on short-term and in an individual type and length.

MOTROL winding machine in combination with a cable drum storage LAGROL accelarating internal procedures. The winding machine can be slided to the cable drum storage. The winding drive occurs by a gear motor with chain drive. The speed of this drive is continuously adjustable and equipped with a smooth running to enable a gentle winding process.