This horizontally working fully automatic ring winder has been designed for winding in-line and off-line plastic pipes (e.g. B. PE, PE-X, PB, etc.) plastic metal compound pipes (e.g. B. PE-AL-PE, PE-CU, etc.) as well as hoses and other coilable materials.

The pipe to be coiled is at first transported by means of the feed unit (either provided for by the customer or integrated in the laying unit). The material feed (roller guide or guiding pipe) transports the front end of the pipe to the opening provided for in the winding core and there, it is pneumatically fixed.This operation takes place without stop up to extrusion speed due to the synchronisation of the servo-controlled axles so that there is no need to stop the continuously extruded pipe.

Due to the rotational movement of the winding core, a coiled pipe bundle is obtained. Prior to cutting, the bundle is held together by a four-arm gripper. After winding the remaining length, the winding core is with drawn upwards and the bundle is transported to the strapping unit. The ring can be strapped several times with PP strap or wrapped with plastic foil. For this purpose, it is turned over. On completion of the strapping, the ring is pushed out on a roller track by means of a two-axle ring ejector.

Sturdy machine frame with sheet-metal covering of stationary design with a separately placed electric switch cabinet and switch desk for the central control of all machine functions.